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Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate/Solu-Cortef

- See Steroids:

- similar indications as dexamethasone but not used in cerebral edema;
- IV/IM: Initial dose is 100-500mg depending on severity of condition
- infuse slowly (500mg over 10min), dosage may be repeated q2-6hr prn;
- for bronchospasm: 250mg IV bolus; maintenance = 100mg IV q6hr;
     - will take 6 hr to work;
     - when d/c'ing this med, use Taper, & note possible increase in wheezing;
     - if pt has been on steroids < 2 weeks then steroid taper is not necessary;

- Precautions:
      - note hyper-glycemia may occur indiabetics;
      - If hydrocortisone is continued for > 72 hrs, hyponatremia may occur;
      - sodium retention may be minimized by switching to methylprednisolone

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