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- Discussion:
    - are permeable to water vapor and oxygen but are impermeable to liquids and bacteria;
    - it is supplied in smooth, elastic, transparent sheets which are impermeable to bacteria but permeable to gases, salts, metabolites & proteins;
    - hydrogel in granular form represents a coherent material which could be used in deep fissured wounds and for the treatment of injuries with a large amount of exudation and contamination;
    - may also be used for skin abrasions, skin graft donor sites, and partial thickness burns;
    - example:
        - Vigilion
        - Geliperm hydrogel:
               - provides optimal physiological conditions for wound healing;
               - material is composed of two interlaced networks, one of polyacrylamide and one of agar, and contains about 96% firmly bound water;
        - 2nd skin / (Spenco Inc);
        - Flexderm

Experimental infection and hydrogel dressings.