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Heat Stroke

- Discussion:
   - heat exhaustion:
         - dizzniness, fatigue, nause vomiting and mild temp elevation
   - heat stroke - core temp greater than 104 with mental status changes
         - brain loses ability to regulate heat (cooling system fails)
         - organ failure
         - strikes suddenly with little warning
         - brain death begins at 106 deg.
         - death may take 3-4 days;
         - peripheral temps may give falsely low readings;
   - sports prescreening issues
         - sickle cell trait
         - use of performance enhancing agents
                 - references:
                       - The neurosurgeon in sport: awareness of the risks of heatstroke and dietary supplements.
                       - Creatine Supplements
         - obesity
         - heat related illness
         - cardiac disease
   - prevention:
         - athletes needs 2 weeks to acclimate to the heat with progressive work outs.
         - regular breaks in the shade with fluid replacement
         - helmets will rapidly increase core temp
         - daily wts (before and after practice) to ensure that players have rehydraded
         - more than 3% wt loss from the prior day in unacceptable and requires rehydration (and no practice for that day);

   - treatment:
         - rehydration;
         - cold water immersion (ice water baths)
               - ref: On-Site Treatment of Exertional Heat Stroke
         - IV hydration / EMS / admission
         - liver enzymes
         - months before player may return to sports

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