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Fibrosarcoma of Soft Tissue

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- Discussion:
    - an invasive, malignant, spindle cell tumor which demonstrates cellular atypia, mitosis, & formation of type I collagen;
    - it is less aggressive in soft tissue than in bone;
    - most common soft tissue sarcoma in infants;
    - lower limb is typical site;
    - low grade stage I fibrosarcoma is often difficult to distinguish form its benign counterpart, Fibromatosis;
- X-rays:
    - show lesion w/ discrete margin;
- Bone Scan:
    - bone scan reveals a moderate radioisotope uptake;
- Histology:
    - marked cellular atypia, abundant collagen & distinct psuedocapsule;
    - stage I:
         - less cellularity & atypia and more mature collagen than a stage II;
         - lesion can be confused w/ aggressive juvenile Fibromatosis

Primary myectomy for sarcoma

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