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- for anxiety, ETOH withdrawl; Sedative; will cross react with ETOH;
- Adult: Anxiety: 5-10mg PO tid/qid, or 25-50mg IM/IV tid/qid;
- ETOH w/drawl: 50-100mg IM/IV; repeat 2-4hr if needed; Max dose: 300mg/24hrs;
- tapper doses; Reduce dose in elderly;
- relief of severe anxiety disorders: PO20-25mg tid/qid; IM/IV:50-100mg initially, then 25-50mg tid or qid prn;
- IV injection should be given slowly over 1min;
- Abrupt d/c results in withdrawl symptoms;
- Note Fast onset w/ t/2=300--100;
- Peds: > 6yrs only: 0.5mg/kg/24hr IM or PO in divided doses q6-8hrs

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