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P wave > 2.5 mm & > 0.12 sec; 

-Left Atrial Enlargement; Duration: 120 msec (3 small squ in lead II) __/ __ Look for notch;  / Amplitude: Negative terminal P wave in Lead V1 > 1mm / in depth and > 40 msec (one small square); 

- Right Atrial Enlargement; / Amplitude: 2.5 mm in leads II, III, or aVF -tall peak /  1.5 mm in the initial + deflection of the __/  __ P wave in lead V1 or V2; / Right Atrial Enlargement: Tall slender peaked P waves in leads II, III, and AVF w/ Diphasic or inverted P wave in V1 (P pulmonale pattern); Consider: 
- Chronic diffuse Pulmonary dz; 
- Changes 
- Pulmonary HTN 
- Congenital heart dz Left Atrial Enlargement: Notched P wave (P mitral pattern): Seen in leads I and II w/ a wide, slurred diphasic P in V1 w/ a wide terminal component (negative deflectiona); Consider: 
- Mitral Stenosis