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Aricular Hematoma / Cauliflower Ear

- Discusion:
    - arises from direct blows to the ear;
    - trauma and resulting hematoma causes perichondrium to to separate from the cartilage, which cuts off
             blood supply to the cartilage (causing cartilage necrosis);
- Management:
    - aspiration and application of compression dressing;
    - compression dressing should consist of a semi-customized soft material which can be inserted
             into the pina as well as a counter pressure dressing behind the ear;
             - the two dressings can be held together with several horizontal matress sutures;
    - material: No 502-3, 0.080 inch firm grade SIL-TEC sheeting, Technical products Inc of Georgia

A silicone splint for auricular hematoma.
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