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Wheeless’ Textbook of Orthopaedics

About the Author

This textbook was derived from a variety of sources, including journal articles,
national meetings, lectures, and other textbooks.  
Under no circumstances should
this material supervene the clinical judgment of the physician nor should this
material supervene any published data regarding critical care managment or
drug dosing.

Feed Back:
The quality of this textbook will be enhanced by feedback from the orthopaedic community.
Any physician is invited to send comments and criticisms to: webmaster@medmedia.com

Copyright Notice: © 1996, C.R. Wheeless MD
The text and pictures in this book may be reproduced for any non-commercial
endeavor that will improve the care of orthopaedic patients. In addition, I have
linked journal abstracts to the text which will facilitate literature reviews.
The organization of this textbook and the hypertext links, however, are truly
unique and may not be reproduced.

Dedication To my loving and devoted wife, Carol


and to our sons: Luke and John