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- Discussion: (see cartilage menu)
   - chondrocytes occupy lacunae distributed through the matrix;
   - chondrocytes are spherical in deep portion, but are flattened toward the periphery of cartilage;
           - peripheral lacuna may house a single chondrocyte;
           - deeper lacunae may contain two or more chondrocytes;

- Histology:
   - young chondrocytes and chondroblasts have rounded nuclei & may have more than one nucleoli;
   - cytoplasm contains elongated mitochondria, a well-developed Golgi apparatus, & varying amounts of glycogen, & occasional lipid droplets

Quantitation of chondrocyte performance in growth-plate cartilage during  longitudinal bone growth.

Elaboration of neutral proteoglycanase by growth-plate tissue cultures.

The viability of articular cartilage in fresh osteochondral allografts after clinical transplantation.

Characterization of aggregating proteoglycans from the proliferative,  maturing, hypertrophic, and calcifying zones of the cartilaginous physis.

[Mechanical properties of chondrocytes isolated from normal articular cartilage: experiment with rabbit knees]

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