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- See:
      - Timentin
      - Pen Family
      - AntiPseudo

- There are small differences in the pattern of activity of these agents against gram-negative organisms. Ticarcillin is two to four times more active than carbenicillin against P. aeruginosa;
- less active against gram positive organisms;
- Dose: 2-24gm q 4hr Injection, or for serious systemic infections 200-300 mg/kg/24hr IV in divided doses;
- for complicated UTI: 150-200 mg/kg/day IV in 4-6 divided doses;
- for UTI: 1gm IV/IM q6hr;
- Used alone note Gram Neg Resistance;
* Dosing Regimens for Patients w/ Renal Insufficiency: (Dose for 70 kg Adult {gm/dosing interval in hrs CrCl:>80:3/4; CrCl:50-79:3/4; CrCl:30-49:2/4; CrCl:10-29:2/6-8;
    - 60-70% of drug will be excreted in to urine (w/ nl RF(x));
- Peds: 200-300 mg/kg/day q6hr
- Supplement dose after Dialysis:
   Hemo: 3 gm
   CAPD: 3 gm