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- for the treatment of Candida infections (thrush, vaginitis), Cutaneous Candidiasis, Intestinal Candidiasis;
- Adult:thrush: 400,000--600,000 units PO "swish and swallow" qid (100,000 Units/ml);
- Not absorbed orally, therefore, not effective for systemic infections;
- For cutaneous or mucocutaneous candidiasis: apply cream, powder or ointment to affected area bid/tid  (100,000 Units/gm);
- for Intestinal Candidiasis: 1-2 tabs PO tid (tab: 500,000 Units);
- Contraidicated with hypersensitivity, must d/c if patient develops signs of local irritation;
- Peds: 1 mg/dose q 4-6 hr for 5-14 hrs;
- supplied 100,000 U/ml