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- for reversal of narcotic effect or suspected narcotic overdose;
- Adult: 0.2-0.8mg IV, IM, or SQ q5min for 3 doses;
- May percipitate acute withdrawl in addicts, hence inorder to prevent vomiting and Aspiration Pneumoniae begin w/ 0.2mg IV, SC, or IM for several doses;
   - if no response after 3 doses, suspect non-narcotic cause;
- Doses q1-2hr may be needed to maintain reversal of CNS depression;
- Note that Tachycardia and HTN may occur during narcotic reversal and may result in CHF in pt at risk;
- Peds: 5-10 ug/kg IV/IM or SQ; may repeat IV q3min for 3 doses prn