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Metoclopramide/Reglan/ Clopra

- Diabetic Gastroparesis:
- 10mg PO 30min AC and HS for2-8 weeks prn;


- GI Reflux: 
- 10-15mg PO 30min AC and HS; maximum duration of therapy is 12 weeks; 
- Prophylaxis of N/V in Cancer Chemotherapy; 
- IV infusion 1-2mg/kg diluted in 0.9% saline and given slowly (over 15min) 30 min before cancer chemotherapy and repeated q2hr x 2 doses; - then q3hr x 3 doses;

- Facilitated of Small Bowel Intubation
- 10mg IV (undiluted) given over 2min; 
- dystonic rxn common, treat with IV benadryl 50mg; 
- avoid concmitant use of other drugs likely to cause extrapyramidal rxn; 
- sedation is another side effect; 
- this syndrom is age related, give antihistamines and/or lorazapem 
- contraindicated with GI obstruction, perforation, hemorrhage, or any other GI condition where increased GI motility is contraindicated 

Pharmacological evacuation of the stomach with metoclopramide.