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- Isocarboxazid is a MAOI 
- usual dose is 30 mg/day; 
- Isocarboxazid should be used with caution in combination w/ other monoamine oxidase inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants, Carbamazepine, or cyclobenzaprine; 
- GEA and isocarboxazid may produce a combined hypotensive effect. 
- anticholinergic agents be avoided whenever possible; 
- meperidine should definitely be avoided, whereas fentanyl or morphine appear to be suitable during Hanesthesia; 
- enflurane or isoflurane are preferred over halothane because of reduced arrhythmogenic potential; 
- due to the possibility of hypotension associated with spinal and epidural anesthesia and the subsequent requirement for basopressors general anesthesia is preferred.

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