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Griseofulvin/Fulvicin/Grisactin/Gris Peg/Grisfulvin

- For treatment of ringworm infections of the skin, hair, and nails that will not respond to topical agents alone;
- Adult: Tinea corporis: 330-375mg PO qd for 2-4wks;
- Tinea cruris: 330-375 mg PO qd for 2-4 weeks;
- Tinea capitis: 330-375 mg PO qd for 4-6 wks;
- Tinea pedis:660-750mg PO qd for 4-8 weeks;
- Tinea unguium: 660-750 mg PO qd ofr 4-8 weeks;
- Note patients on extended therapy should be monitored for renal, hepatic, and hematopoietic function;
- beneficial effect may not be apparent for some time; patient should continue entire course of therapy;
- GI absorbtion improved when taken with food;
- Paresthesia: Photosensitivity; Alcohol cause disulfiram rxn, barbituates will decr effectiveness, and Griseofulvin will decr effectiveness of
oral contraceptives;
- Peds: >2yrs: 7.3-12.5 mg/kg/day for same duration as adults, 14-28 days;
- supplied: tab 125, 250 mg; susp 125 mg/5 ml