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Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase (SGOT) 8-40 U/L

Aspartate Aminotransaminase (AST): Increased: Acute MI Liver dz Reye's syndrome Muscle Trauma / Injection / Polymyositis Pancreatitis Intestinal Injury or Surgery, Factitious Increase (Erythromycin, Opitates) Burns, Cardiac catheterization Brain Damage Renal Infarction TPN Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase (SGPT) 8-50 U/L; Alanine Aminotransaminase (ALT) 
- SGPT is more elevated t(an SGOT in Viral Hepatitis; SGOT is elevated more than SGPT in ETOH hepatitis; 
- w/ decr LFT & incrg Bili/PT = Sever damage; 
- Uremia may lead to false low AminoTransferase; 
- Increased: Liver dz, Liver metastasis Bilary obstruction, Pancreatitis Liver congestion TPN