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- Discussion:
    - anti-depression medication:
    - is a selective serotonin uptake inhibitor;
    - adult: 20mg / 24 hr PO qAM initially; titrate to max dose of 80 mg/24hr;
    - note nausea, nervousness, weight loss common;
    - note side effects: sedation: +; insomnia: +++; anticholinergic: 0;
    - check LFT's; Pt not to have ETOH;
    - fluoxetine may dramatically increase tricyclic antidepressant concentration by upto 5 fold;
    - increase in concentration of haldol are also seen w/ use of Prozac;
    - MAOI combined with fluoxetine may cause development of serotonin syndrome-like illness characterized by anxiety, restlessness, confusion, chills, incoordination, and insomnia;
    - combination of fluoxetine and lithium or carbamazepine may also provoke serotonin syndrome

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