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- for acute anxiety, ETOH w/drawl; Benzodiazepine;
- Adult:individualized: 15-60mg/day PO in single or divideddoses;
- Monitor patients with renal and hepatic impairment since drug may accumulate; CNS depressant effects; may be habit forming;
- Contraindicated with acute narrow angle glaucoma, depressive neuroses, psychotic reactions; Caution with renal or hepatic failure; Caution w/ concomitant use ETOH or other CNS depressants;
- Note Fast onset w/ t/2 of 30-200hr; Note has 1 active metabolite; Note Tranxene is hydrolized in the stomach to an active metabolite, desmethydiazepam; hence pt w/ achlorhydria, w/ antacid, w/ cimetidine, get less metabolite;
- Peds:  >12yrs: Adjunct in the treatment of partial complex seizures up to 7.5 mg PO tid initially; increase as needed weekly up to 90 mg/day