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- Second Generation Ceph

- Adult: 250mg PO q8hr; may double dose w/ severe infections;
- Contraindicated w/ cephalosporin allergy;
- Dosing Regimens for Patients with Renal Insufficiency: (Dose for 70kg Adult {gm/dosing interval in hours}: CrCl:>80::0.5/8; CrCl:50-79::0.5/8; CrCl:30-49::0.5/8;; CrCl:10-29::0.25/8;
     - 50 % of dose will be excreted in urine;
- Not recommended for infants < 1 mo old;
- may cause positive commbs or false pos test for urine glucose;
- infants and peds: 40 mg/kg/day divided q8hr PO; Max peds dose: 2gm/24hr;
- Supplied: susp 125 & 250 mg/5 cc; cap 250 and 500 mg;
Note: the suspension form of Ceclor may cause a form of serum sickness