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- mitotic rate of regenerating epidermal cells increased 5-10 fold in moist, O2 rich environment as compared to desiccated wound environment; - in experimental wounds the local pO2 is 0-20 as compared to 30-60 mm in the normal tissues; 
- pCO2 in the wound is 60 mm with a pH of 7.1; 
- Methods of Oxygen Delivery: 
- its difficult to reliably to deliver > 50% O2 except by endotracheal tube;



- Role of Oxygen Tension in Wound Healing:

- "100% face mask" usually only gives 40 to 50% actual O2 concentration; 
- its difficult to cause O2 toxicicty w/ a mask, since concentration is < 50%; 
Type FiO2 Discussion 
Nasal Cannula uncertain FiO2 Do not use > 5 lit NC Reservoir type uncertain FiO2 Trans-tracheal Flow rates of 0.25-3.0 lit/min; cannula Ventimask Available at 24, 28, 31, provides controlled FiO2; 35, 40, & 50% may need to humidify O2; High humidity 28 to 100 % O2 mask Reservoir mask > 90 % O2 Delivery Nonbreathing Partial rebreathing T tube 

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