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Local Anesthesia following TKR

- intraoperative injection:
             - 300 mg ropivacaine (0.2%) (150 mL) + 30 mg ketorolac (1 mL) + 500 µg of epinephrine (1:1000) (0.5 mL) (prepared on the sterile field)
             - 18 gauge needle is used to inject in 3 equal 50 mL doses into each of 3 locations:
                    (a) posterior capsule
                    (b) medial, lateral capsule and the edges of the capsular incision
                    (c) subcutaneous tissue along both edges of the incision
      - 21 hour postoperative injection:
             - at the time of surgery standard 17 or 19 gauge epidural catheter that inserted with a tuohy needle (epidural needle)

             - only leave 4" out of the skin and put it thru the VMO so that the muscle seals the hole when removed;
             - 100 mg (more does not work any better or last longer);
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