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Urine pH Analysis: average 4.6-8

- Discussion: 
- Urine pH less than 6 is common in pre-renal azotemia and unusual in acute tubular necrosis; 
- Acid: 
- High Protein, Ammonium Chloride, Mandelic Acid & Chlorothiazide Acidosis, ketoacidosis (Starvation, DKA), COPD; 
- Uric acid, cyytine and calcium oxalate stones precipitate in acid urines; 
- Meats and cranberry juice makes the urine acid; 
- Basic: 
- UTI, RTA, Diet (High Vegetable, Milk, Immediately after Meals, 
- NaHCO3, Vomiting, metabolic alkalosis
- Renal calculi (CaPO4, CaCO3, and Mg PO4, develop in alkaline urine) 
- Streptomycin, neomycin, & kanamycin are effective in GU infections provided the urine is alkaline; 
- Citrus fruits and most vegetables (legumes) makes urine alkaline

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