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Urine analysis : Ketones

- Detects primarily Acetone & AcetoAcetic Acid, not Beta-Hydroxybutyric acid; 
- Positive: Starvation, High Fat Diet, DKA (See Hyperglycemia) Vomiting Diarrhea Hyperthyroidism, Pregnancy, Fever 
- Misc: 
- precise timing is essential or dipstick color change is meaningless & over timing by only 1-3 seconds will cause false elevation; 
- carbohydrate free diets as well as high protein and fat diets will cause ketonuria; 
- Medications which may cause False positive: 
- Levodopa 
- Phthalein compound 
- Insulin 
- Isopropyl alcohol 
- Metformin 
- Pyridium 
- Phenformin