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Free Vascularized Fibular Graft: The Staff

- The Orthopaedic Surgeons
We work together as a group.   One of us is on duty and available at all times.
During the weekday the most effective way for Dr. Urbaniak's patients to
reach us is to call (919)684-2476 for his secretary or (919)684-3619
for his Physician Asssistant.
The most direct way for Dr. Nunley's patients to reach us is call
(919)684-4033 and Dr. Nunley's secretary, will tell you how the
clinician can be reached.

- The Physician Assistant
The Physician Asssistant works with Dr. Urbaniak.   After discharge from
the hospital, the physician assistant is available to answer questions by
telephone or by appointment.   Reach her by calling her office
(919)684-3619 Monday, Thursday and Friday.   Tuesday and Wednesday are
clinic days and she can be reached   by calling (919)684-2476 or for
nonemergency calls; messages can be left on her office answering machine
and she will call back the following day.

- The Nurses
The office nurses will assist you in the examining room.   They are also
available to answer questions or concerns that you may have.

Our orthopaedic staff agree on the treatment of all important problems as
well as   prescribing of pain medications.   We make every effort to give
the same advice on minor problems to avoid confusion.   In spite of our
efforts slight variations may occur in the advice given.   If the
explanation of the nature and course of the problem or therapy prescribed
is not clearly understood, please ask   for further clarification.