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Actinomyces bovis

- enters through an abrasion on the skin, associatted w/ cattle, swine ect;
- a granuloma occurs that resembles TB, and a sinus formation results;
- the infection may be resent to treatment;
- treatment includes penicillin and potassium iodide;
- chronic suppurative disease that is notorious for its assoc w/ draining sinuses.;
- exudate contains characteristic sulfur granules, which appear as small, sand-like grains of tissue;
- infection spreads and destroys tissue by local extension and, less frequently, by hematogenous dissemination;
- lesion similar to actinomycosis can be caused by closely related organisms;
- gram-positive filamentous bacteria that are 1 microm in diameter and demonstrate true branching.
- obligate or facultative anaerobes and grow slowly.

Actinomyces neuii subsp. neuii Associated with periprosthetic infection in total hip arthroplasty as causative agent.