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Waddel Criteria

- Discussion:
    - Waddel determined 5 findings on PE which correlated w/ non organic LBP known as the 5 Waddell criteria;
    - he noted that most patients w/ documented organic LBP had one or none of Waddell criteria, and that patients who had 3/5 Waddell 
         criteria were much more likely have non organic LBP; cc .70;
- Five Criteria:
    - Tenderness
         - superficial (light pinch)
         - non anatomic (tender to palpation over LS, Pelvis, and TS)
    - Simulation
         - Axial Loading (should not cause LBP)
         - Rotation
    - Distraction
         - SLR
    - Regional
         - Weakness
         - Sensory
    - Overreation (most important Waddell criteria)