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Ulnar Nerve in Elbow Trauma

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      - Ulnar Nerve:
      - Cubital Tunnel Syndrome:

- Discussion:
    - ulnar nerve neuritis is a reported of operative treatment  for elbow frxs;
    - one of complications of ORIF of elbow frxs is adherence of the ulnar nerve directly to medial epicondylar region w/ subsequent ulnar 
    - potential for both intraoperative damage and postoperative scarring about the nerve can be reduced by anterior transposition;
    - of note, there is one report in which anterior transposition was not performed in 54/55 cases w/o neurologic sequalae;
          - ref: Intercondylar fractures of the distal humerus in adults: a critical analysis of 55 cases.

- Anterior Transposition:
      - anterior elevation of the nerve from cubital tunnel
      - proximal dissection to level of the medial intermuscular septum (about 4 cm);
      - distal dissection for 6 cm past its entrance between two heads of FCU;
           - fascia over FCU is split longitudinally;
           - preserve individual muscle branches to flexor pronator muscle group