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Tendon Vascular Supply and Nutrition

- Discussion:
    - tendons have limited blood supply;
    - each tendon receives its vascular supply from segmental vessels arising from surrounding peritenon & extending from forearm to midportion of the proximal phalanx;
    - in digits, however, blood supply reaches flexor tendons thru vincula;
    - these are folds of mesotenon thru which run the small vessels that penetrate the tendons;
    - one short and one long vinculum supply each FDS & FDP tendon;
    - vincula receive their blood vessels thru transverse communicating branches of the common digital artery located on the dorsal surface of  flexor tendons;
    - vincula provide blood supply that participates in early healing of flexor tendons and that also serves as a checkrein to limit proximal retraction of a lacerated tendon;

- Two Forms of Tendon Healing may occur:
    - intrinsic healing occurs without direct blood flow to the tendon;
          - animal models demonstrate that diffusion of synovial fluid around lacerated tendons allows intrinsic tendon healing without adhesion formation;
    - extrinsic healing is known to occur by proliferation of fibroblasts from the peripheral epitendon;
           - fibrous proliferation froms tenoma around the periphery of cut tendon ends and also invades space between tendon ends;
           - adhesions occur because of extrinsic healing of the tendon and limit tendon gliding within fibrous synovial sheaths

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