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Tendon Architecture

- Discussion:
    - tendon is composed of heavy, parallel bundles of collagenous fibers;
          - these bundles are held together by tissue resembling perimysium;
    - between bundles of fibers are fibroblasts, nerves, & blood vessels that supply the tendon;
    - surrounding the tendon is a then fibroelastic membrane, the epitendineum, which is a counterpart of the epimysium;
    - large, parallel bundles of tendon are composed of intertwining smaller bundles of fibers, particularly near their termination on bone;
    - at their attachment to bone, tendons appear to blend in w/ the periosteum, however, many tendon fibers continue into matrix of bone;
           - these fibers constitute fibers of Sharpey;
           - as bone grows, it engulfs tendon fibers

Development of a reconstituted collagen tendon prosthesis. A preliminary implantation study.