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Proximal Biceps Tendon Rupture

- See:
     - Biceps Tendonitis
     - SLAP Lesions

- Discussion:
    - this tendon may have some role as a depressor of humeral head, preventing superior migration of humeral head;
    - approx 50% of all ruptures occur thru the tendon of the long head;
    - rupture is usually is usually more or less transverse and is located either w/ in shoulder joint or within the proximal part of intertubercular groove;

- Clinical Findings:
    - bunching up of biceps muscle in distal arm, (which does not go away);
    - there is minimal loss of function because short head of biceps remains attached to the coracoid process;

- MRI:
    - will show absence of the tendon in the bicipital groove;

- Non Operative Treatment:
    - patients can be treated non operatively since most will become asymptomatic after 4-6 weeks; 

- Operative Treatment (Tenodesis):
    - may be indicated for cosmesis or if shoulder reconstruction is required for other reasons;
          - patients can expect only a small increase in flexion strength (10%);
    - surgical treatment involves then excision of the intraarticular part of tendon, & fixation of remaining tendon to bicipital groove or into the coracoid process;
    - fixation to the bicipital groove is performed using "key hole technique":
          - a narrow slit is cut into the bone, just underneath a larger drill hole;
          - the biceps tendon is passed into the drill hole and is then allowed to to wedge down into the slit;
          - the main difficulty with this procedure is obtaining proper tension on the muscle tendon unit 

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