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Muscle Cramps

             - diff dx:
                   - exercise-associated muscle cramping 
                   - Parkinson’s disease
                   - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 
                   - peripheral neuropathy
                   - lumbar radiculopathy (S1)
                   - metabolic myopathies (myopathic disorders)
                   - low serum Mg and calcium
                   - vitamin D deficiency
                   - vascular insufficiency
                   - hypothyroidism
                   - diabetes mellitus 
                   - lipid-lowering agents, antihypertensives, ß-agonists insulin; oral contraceptives
             - labs:
                    - serum CPK levels
             - references:
                    - Randomised, cross-over, placebo controlled trial of magnesium citrate in the treatment of chronic persistent leg cramps
                    - Magnesium for the treatment of nocturnal leg cramps: a crossover randomized trial.
                    - Phys Ed: Can Pickle Juice Stop Muscle Cramps?

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