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Group II Clavicle Frx – Distal Third Frx

- Discussion:
      - comprise 12-15% of clavicular frx & are subclassified according to location of CC ligaments relative to fracture fragments;
      - distal clavicle fractures may have a high incidence of non union but most of these are asymptomatic, and of these only a small number will be severe enough to require surgery;

- Subclassification:
      - Minimal displacement (Type I)
      - Frx Medial to CC Ligaments (Type II)
      - Articular Surface Fractures (Type III)

The natural course of lateral clavicle fracture. 15 (11-21) year follow-up of 110 cases.

Distal clavicular physeal injury.

Fractures of the distal clavicle: a case for fixation.

Treatment of distal clavicle fracture: a systematic review of treatment modalities in 425 fractures

Comparison of Hook Plate and Tension Band Wire in the Treatment of Distal Clavicle Fractures

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