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- Anatomy:
    - origin:
         - originates from pubic tubercle & inferior ramus of pubis;
         - anterior aspect of lower 1/2 of symphysis pubis and medial of inferior ramus of pubic arch;
    - insertion: pes arserinus
    - action:
         - adduction of thigh at the hip; flexion of the leg at the knee;
         - medially rotates the femur and tibia;
         - reversed origin insertion action: when the leg is fixed, the gracilis flexes the pelvis at hip;
         - synergists: adductor brevis, adductor longus, adductor magnus, pectineus;
    - nerve supply: obturator, L2, L3, L4; (see innervation of the lower extremity)

- Gracilis Muscle Flap:
    - viability of muscle based on distal blood supply, which is branch of saphenous artery, is less likely beyond its distal third;
    - muscle has three to five vascular pedicles supply it along its length;
    - largest and most important of these is the proximal one, which is branch of the profunda femoris;
    - other vascular pedicles travel along intermuscular septi & are smaller;
    - entire muscle can survive on its proximal pedicle, which is largest;
    - skin island is totally unreliable in its distal 1/3

Late reconstruction of the patellar tendon.

Reversed Gracilis Pedicle Flap for Coverage of a Total Knee Prosthesis

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