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Achilles Tendon Rupture: Non Operative Treatment


- See: Achilles Tendonitis

- Discussion:
    - indications:
         - may be indicated in older patients w/ minimally displaced ruptures;
         - note that younger patients w/ expectations of participating in sports such as basketball may not be good candidates for non
                  operative rx;
         - atheletes should not expect to resume full activities for one year;
    - managment:
         - short leg cast strategy:
                - SLC is applied w/ ankle in plantar flexion;
                      - some surgeons place the cast in gravity equinus where as other surgeons place the ankle in maximal equinus;
                - w/ time the cast is brought out of equinus over 8-10 weeks;
                - walking is allowed (in the cast) at 4-6 weeks;
                - as an alternative, consider using functional brace starting in 45 deg of flexion;
                      - the functional brace prevents ankle dorsiflexion but allows ankle plantar flexion;
                - following casting, a 2 cm heel lift is worn for an additional 2-4 months;
          - long leg cast:
                - some orthopaedists have recommended an initial long leg cast in gravity equinus for 6 weeks, followed by a SLC for 4
    - expected outcome: non operative vs operative outcomes:
          - expect a re-rupture rate from 4% to 33% (avg 18%);
          - decrease in strength and endurance of 30%;
          - 83% of surgical patients vs 69 % immobilization patients returned to the preinjury level of activity;
          - 93 % of surgical patients were satisfied with the results of treatment vs 66% of immobilized patients;
          - poor results w/ non operative treatment occur when the ankle is casted in neutral position (leads to relative lengthening
                     of the tendon);
          - even w/ initial positioning of the ankle in equinus, non operative treatment cannot be expect to restore the correct length
                     of tendon

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