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References for Colles Fracture

Current Concepts Review.  Fractures of the Distal End of the Radius.

External fixation or plaster cast for severely displaced Colles' fractures? Prospective 1-year study of 46 patients.

The treatment of Colles' fracture. Immobilisation with the wrist dorsiflexed.

Unstable Colles' fractures in elderly patients. A randomised trial of external fixation for redisplacement.

Regional anesthesia preferable for Colles' fracture. Controlled comparison with local anesthesia.

Plaster cast versus external fixation for unstable intraarticular Colles' fractures.

Algodystrophy following Colles' fracture.

Brace treatment of Colles' fracture.

Repair of the triangular ligament in Colles' fracture. No effect in a prospective randomized study.

Features of algodystrophy after Colles' fracture.

Displaced distal radius fractures. A comparative study of early results following external fixation, functional bracing in supination, or dorsal plaster immobilization.

Factors affecting the outcome of Colles' fracture: an anatomical and functional study.

Neurological complications of dynamic reduction of Colles' fractures without anesthesia compared with traditional manipulation after local
 infiltration anesthesia

Three years after Colles' fracture. A prospective review.

The value of early mobilisation in the treatment of Colles' fractures.

Minor axial shortening of the radius affects outcome of Colles' fracture treatment.

Late compression neuropathies after Colles' fractures.

Carpal malalignment in Colles' fractures

The unstable Colles' fracture.

External fixation of Colles' fractures. An anatomical study.

Treatment of unstable Colles' fractures by external fixation.

A rational approach for the recognition and treatment of Colles' fracture.

Colles fracture: does the anatomical result affect the final function?

External fixation or plaster for severely displaced comminuted Colles' fractures? A prospective study of anatomical and functional results.

Late compression neuropathies after Colles' fractures.

A semiinvasive method for articular Colles' fractures.

Percutaneous Kirschner-wire fixation of Colles fractures. A prospective study of thirty cases.

Correction of post-traumatic wrist deformity in adults by osteotomy, bone-grafting, and internal fixation.

Complications of Colles' fractures.

Forearm fractures: treatment by rigid fixation with early motion.

Colles' fractures. Functional bracing in supination.

Forearm fractures. Early functional bracing - A preliminary report.

Colles' fracture. How should its displacement be measured and how should it be immobilized?

Functional bracing of Colles' fractures: a prospective study of immobilization in supination vs. pronation.

Comminuted Colles' fractures: a prospective trial of management.

Year Book: Repair of the Triangular Ligament in Colles' Fracture: No Effect in a Prospective Randomized Study.

Year Book: External Fixation of Colles' Fractures: An Anatomical Study.

Factors affecting the outcome of Colles' fracture: an anatomical and functional study.

Brace treatment of Colles' fracture.

An effective treatment of comminuted fractures of the distal radius.

Year Book: Regional Anesthesia Perferable for Colles' Fracture: Controlled Comparison With Local Anesthesia.

Year Book: The Treatment of Colles' Fracture: Immobilisation With the Wrist Dorsiflexed.

Year Book: Unstable Colles' Fractures in Elderly Patients: A Randomised Trial of External Fixation for Redisplacement.

Function ten years after Colles' fracture.

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