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Subscapular Artery


- Discussion:
    - subscapular artery is usually largest branch of Axillary Artery and arises from the 3rd part of the artery;
    - branches of subscapular artery enter costal surface of  Subscapularis muscle, & frequently one or more small twigs arising directly from
         Axillary Artery do likewise;
    - from its origin it typically passes backward and divides into 2 trunks
    - scapular circumflex artery
         - passes around lateral border of scapula between scapula & teres  major (in trianglular space );
         - it turns upward between Infraspinatus  & scapula to supply this muscle and anastomose w/ suprascapular artery & deep branch of 
              the transverse cervical artery

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