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Clavicle Fracture: Implants

- Fracture: Mid Shaft:
     - Implants:
         - 3.5 mm reconstruction plate;
         - 3.5 mm DCP or LC-DCP;
- Fractures: Neer type II (lateral)
     - Implants:
           - small T plate:
           - tension band figure of eight wire;
- Position: supine with ample padding beneath the shoulder;
- Incision:
     - saber cut incision parallel to Langer's line gives adequate access;
- Other:
     - need pointed reduction forceps;
     - plate may be placed on anterior or superior aspect of clavicle;
     - 7 to 8 hole reconstructive plate is chosen;
     - drill is safer in this area, becuase over penetration is dangerous;
     - if there is concern about PTX, immediately insert chest tube