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About WRIGHTLOCK and the OCS Instrumentation

Development of the design of the WRIGHTLOCK Spinal Fixation System began over eight years ago in conjunction with Dr. Ben Allen, Jr., Chief of Staff at the Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children in Greenville, SC. Its design was based on the need for a spinal system that was both low profile and high strength for the patient, while easy to use for the surgeon. The WRIGHTLOCK Spinal Fixation System is the lowest profile system available, incorporating an innovative and patented locking method without using set screws and eyebolts. The system is composed of open-backed, snap-on components that help to facilitate intraoperative flexibility. WRIGHTLOCK implants are made from an enhanced 22-13-5 stainless steel. The OCSTM instrumentation is an adaptation by Dr. Ben Allen of a strategy recommended by Paul Harrington, M.D. of using an outboard distraction technique for primary correction of spinal deformities. Certain modifications have been made to the OCSTM Instrumentation in order to take advantage of the design- features inherent with The WRIGHTLOCK Spinal Fixation System - maintain correct sagittal contours through vertebral translation to contoured rods - optimize the implant-anatomy interface - address shoulder level - afford the fixation strength necessary to prevent the need for postoperative casting or bracing.