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Suspension Traction for Femur Frx


- Discussion:
    - is preferred by many for use in older children and adolescents;
    - skeletal traction is applied w/ Steinman pin inserted thru distal femur;
          - see: insertion technique
          - knee should be flexed 30 deg to relax the hamstrings;
   - deformity:
          - w/ mid shaft frx, there is tendency is toward posterior angulation;
    - to restore the normal anterior bowing of  femur, knee should be in flexion to relax the gastrocnemius muscle;
    - medial or lateral angulation may be corrected by aligning distal frag, w/ proximal one or by changing the direction of the pull, or both;
    - in about 3-4 weeks, callus will usually be seen on x-rays;
          - traction may be removed & frx is immobilized in hip spica cast for an additional 3-5 weeks at  which time it will be solidly healed

Skeletal traction for fractures of the femoral shaft in children. A long-term study.