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High Anterolateral Portal

- Discussion:
 - w/ the knee flexed 70 deg, the patella apex is palpated, and a longitudinal stab incision is made just lateral to the border of the patellar tendon using a No. 11 or 15 knife blade;
 - placing the incision close to the lateral border of the patellar ligament facilitates inspection of the intercondylar area;
 - closer the portal is placed to the patellar ligament and thus to the midline, the easier it is to evaluate the sites of the origin and insertion of the ACL;
 - insertion of the sheath and blunt obturator into the joint is made even easier by incision the fibrous capsule slightly at the time the skin incision is made (directing the cut toward the ACL);
 - high Anterolateral Approach gives better visualization of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus