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Arthrofibrosis from ACL Injuries

- Discussion:
    - need to determien whether the fibrous has primarily affected flexion or extension;
    - need to determine either from radiographs or from MRI, whether incorrecttunnel placement, is the cause of the decrease motion and 
    - also evaluate for patella baja;
           - in some cases, severe patella baja may be associated w/ limited flexion;

- Arthroscopic Treatment:
    - adhesions in the suprapatellar pouch and the medial and lateral gutters need
    - in the case of correct tunnel placement:
           - debride any hypertrophic tissue attached to the graft or tissue that is impinged between the femur and the tibia;
           - frequently, there will be hypertrophic tissue along the anteromedial edge of the intercondylar notch or along the sides of the tibia 
    -  in the case of incorrect tunnel placement:
           - determine if additional notchplasty will releive the impingment;
           - if the femoral tunnel is too anterior, then consider either revision ACL reconstruction or possibly graft debridment

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