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Naproxen / Naprosyn / Anaprox

- Discussion:
     - NSAIA (member of the arylacetic acid group);
     - for symptomatic RA, bone pain;
     - primary dysmenorrhea, acute tendinitis and bursitis, mild to moderate pain:

- Adult:
     - typical dose: 250 mg PO bid or 500 mg PO bid (500-1250 mg/24hr PO divided bid);
     - available in 250, 375, or 500 mg capsules;
     - Naprelan 375 or 500 mg: slow release form;
     - for Acute Gout: Naprosyn 750mg PO initially, then 250mg PO q8h til attack has subsided;
         - alternatively, try Anaprox 825mg initially then 275mg q8h til attack has subsided;

- Peds:
     - Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis: 10 mg/kg/24hrs PO to max dose of 1000
          mg/24 hrs divided bid; supplied: tabs: 250mg, 375mg, 500mg;

- Precautions:
     - aontraindicated: allergic reactions to ASA or NSAIA;
     - use with caution in patients with h/o of GI disease, impaired renal function, liver disease, CHF, elderly, diuretics;
     - metabolized primarily in the liver to inactive metabolites;
     - no dosage adjustment is required w/ renal insufficiency

References for Naprosyn:

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