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Miss A Nail Technique: (Special Aiming Arm)

- Discussion:
    - Miss A Nail Aiming Jig permits single or dual, 7.0 mm cannulated screw or 6.5 mm cancellous screw fixation of the femoral neck frx before nail insertion, for a sound surgical approach to a demanding clinical situation;
     - may be placed anterior (or anterior and posterior) to path of nail;
     - permits screw insertion at one of four nail screw angles:
     - 100, 110, 120, or 130 deg;

- Technique:
    - using standard techniques for entering the piriformis fossa and use the 13 mm cannulated reaminer to 100 mm;
    - connect the URFN Insertion Handle to the Dummy nail for Miss A Nail;
    - manually insert the nail into the proximal femur until the slot of the Dummy nail is in line with the femoral neck axis;
    - choose the angle of insertion;
    - insert the 5.6 mm/3.2 mm wire sleeve (for 6.5 mm cancellous bone screw) or 5.6 mm/2.0 mm wire sleeve (for 7.0 stainless steel cannulated screws) into the superior bushing of the Miss A Nail Jig;
    - for 7.0 mm Stainless Steel Cannulated Screws, insert the 2.0 mm threaded Guide Wire, 300 mm, thru wire sleeve into femoral head;
         - drill for the stainless steel screws using the extra long, 4.5 mm cannulated drill bit, and tap as needed;
    - following IM nail insertion, a 4.9 mm locking bolt may be inserted

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