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Infected THR – Debridement and Retention of Components:

- Discussion: (see bacterial menu
          - see debridement and washout of infected TKR
          - success rate can be as high a 71% in well selected patients;
          - criteria include acute infection (symptoms less than 1 month) in THR that have been inserted either acutely or years in the past;
          - debridement includes exchange of the polyethylene liner, which gives better access of the components; 
          - need for tissue biopsy cultures from the component membrane interface
                  - remember that in the case of biofilm, there may be minimal infection in joint fluid and capsule, and main area of infection
                           will be over the component /bone-membrane interface;
                           - ref: A comprehensive microbiological evaluation of fifty-four patients undergoing revision surgery due to prosthetic joint loosening.
          - hybrid removal of cup and liner - retention of stem:
                   - ref:  Retaining well-fixed stem in the treatment of infected THA. Good results in 19 patients followed for mean 4 years

          - antibioics:  (see local antibiotic infusion into joints)
                   - following the debridement, antibiotics must be continued for atleast 6 weeks; 
          - references: 
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