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- Discussion:
    - common reasons for revision include sepsis, component malposition, impingement, polyethylene wear, pelvic osteolysis, recurrent 
             dislocation, progressive protrusio, and component loosening;
    - most common indication for revision THR is loosening of the prosthesis with subsequent pain and varying degrees of bone loss;
    - these are major procedures, and pain is usually so great that hip function is significantly limited;
    - radiologic signs of loosening in hips with little pain should be watched carefully, and serial films taken;
    - if major bone destruction progresses, even when pain is not too disabling, revision should be done before bone destruction proceeds to 
             the extent that successful revision is less likely;
    - painful loosening is the major indication for revision, although impending frx, component malposition with recurrent dislocation, or other 
             problems that would make a revision more difficult can be indication

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