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FVFG: Clinical Hours and Operative Scheduling

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div class="bodycopy"> b>- Clinic Hours:/b> Duke South Hospital Orthopaedic Surgery Private Diagnostic Clinic First floor, yellow zone Appointments: (919)684-4007 or 684-3328 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. M-F Dr. Urbaniak is in the clinic on Tuesday Dr. Nunley is in the clinic on Wednesday & Thursday b>- The Telephone/b> The telephone is our most important means of communication and a valuable asset in your care. Please use it with reason and consideration. Call (919) 684-4007 if you are going to be late for an appointment or if cancellation is necessary. In the case of extreme emergency call Duke University Medical Center at (919)684-2413. The physician "on call" is responsible for emergencies only. Routine matters that can be handled during regular office hours such as advice concerning long-standing problems or scheduling a clinical appointments. b>- The Laboratory:/b> If needed, lab tests will be performed from our clinic during return clinic visits. b>- Radiology:/b> We have our own radiology area and the radiology technician is specialized in working with orthopaedic patients. At each post-operative visit you will have x-rays. The x-rays are AP pelvis and frog leg laterals of the right, left or both hips. You will not need an MRI at anytime following your surgery. b>- Operative Scheduling:/b> Each surgeon does his own scheduling of surgery, therefore the office staff will not be able to give you a date of surgery until it is scheduled by the doctor. He then has the secretary contact you by letter or telephone. Sometimes patients have avascular necrosis in both hips and will require surgery on both sides. The hip most severely involved is usually operated on first and then three months later a free vascularized fibular graft is performed on the opposite hip. Dr. Urbaniak and Dr. Nunley schedule this at the time of discharge from the hospital or at subsequent office visits. /div>br/>hr/>br/>br/>