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Dextran 40

- low mol. wt. dextran; - adjunct in peripheral vascular surgery; 
- works by expanding plasma volume and decrease blood viscosity; 
- prophylaxis of DVT and thromboembolism: 10 ml/kg IV on day of surgery followed by 500 ml IV daily for 2-3 days; 
- then 500ml IV every 2-3 days based on patient risk factors for thromboembolism for up to 2 weeks; 
- Supplied: 10% dextran 40 in 0.9% NaCl or 5% dextrose 

Prevention of venous thrombosis after total knee arthroplasty. Comparison of antithrombin III and low-dose heparin with dextran

Prophylaxis of deep-vein thrombosis after total hip replacement. Dextran and external pneumatic compression compared with 1.2 or 0.3 gram of aspirin daily

Prevention of thrombosis after hip fracture surgery. Comparison of dextran 70 with and without dihydroergotamine

Prevention of fatal pulmonary embolism in patients with fractures of the neck of the femur

The effect of dextran on microvascular thrombosis in an experimental rabbit model.

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