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Allis’s maneuver: for Hip Dislocation

- Gravity Method of Stimson
- Bigelow's Maneuver: for Posterior Hip Dislocation
- Closed Reduction
- Discussion:
    - patient is placed in the supine position;
    - knee is flexed to relax the hamstrings;
    - assistant stabilizes the pelvis and applies a lateral traction force to the inside of the thigh;
    - longitudinal traction is applied in line w/ axis of femur, and the hip is slightly flexed;
         - essential feature is traction in direct line of deformity, followed by gentle felxion of the hip to 90 deg;
    - surgeon gently adducts & internal rotates the femur to get reduction;
    - hip is gently rotated internally & externally w/ continued longitudinal traction until reduction is achieved