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Undisplaced Olecranon Frx

- Definition:
     - displacement of less than 2 mm;
     - no increase in minimal degree of separation of 90 deg flexion of elbow;
     - usually frx gaps dorsally, and some separation of fragments occurs, which leads to joint incongruity;
           - dorsal gapping w/ displacement of proximal fragment blocks extension;
     - patients are able to extend the elbow actively against gravity;

- Treatment:
   - treated by immobilization in long arm cast w/ elbow in 45 deg to 90 deg of flexion for a short time;
   - do not place elbow in full extension (stiffness), & if frx is not stable in flexion, it will not be stable in extension;
   - expect bony union in 6-8 weeks, but after 3 weeks, begin ROM, avoiding flexion past 90 deg until bone healing is complete radiographically;
   - in elderly pts, period of immobilization should be even < 3 weeks;
         - try a sling for a few days until the pt is comfortable for ROM;
   - despite immobilization, be wary of displacement as triceps pull is frequently sufficient to cause displacement

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