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Krukenburg’s Operation

- Upper Extremity Amputations 
- Discussion: 
- this procedure transforms below-elbow amputation stump into radial & ulnar pincers; 
- functionally pt will be capable of prehension and will improve quality of the grasping mechanism; 
- main indication: for blind bilateral below-elbow amputee; 
- disadvantage: arm may appear cosmetically unacceptable; 
- requirements: 
- it should not be performed as primary amputation; 
- stump length of at least 10 cm (from the tip of olecranon) 
- elbow flexion contracture < 70 degrees; 
- tips of limb and their opposing surfaces shhould have normal sensibility; 
- muscles required for opening pincer include abductors of radius, biceps, brachioradialis, and extensor carpi radialis; 
- for closing the pincer: the pronator teres and supinator muscles

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